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Gill Tract Hazardous Tree Removal

Wilted, brown needles on the ends of branches are associated with pitch canker disease at Gill Tract, Albany
Tree with signs of pitch canker disease
Photo Gallery  Photos of diseased trees at Gill Tract from the College of Natural Resources web site.

Diseased and Hazardous Tree Removal
UC Berkeley Gill Tract, Albany

Diseased Monterey Pines at Gill Tract scheduled to be removed starting October 11.

In late 2007 UC Berkeley staff, with the aid of consultant experts, determined that Monterey Pines located at the northeast corner of UC Berkeley's Gill Tract property in Albany are diseased and hazardous and need to be removed to ensure public safety. The trees, located at the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Buchanan Street, are dying and at significant risk of falling.

In January 2008 the University removed approximately 185 trees. The remaining diseased Monterey Pine trees are scheduled to be removed starting October 11, 2010. The removal work is expected to take three weeks. 

Work to remove weeds on the site began October 4. Tree removal is scheduled to begin Monday. Only Monterey Pines and one ailing cedar tree will be removed; other trees on the site will remain. Crews will access the site via San Pablo Avenue. Work will take place Monday-Friday from 7:00 am 5:00 pm.

Following tree removal, efforts to control weeds will continue with mulch and woodchips along the Marin Avenue and San Pablo Avenue fence lines along with targeted use of herbicide. When winter rains begin, the area will be seeded with grasses and wildflowers.

Any questions about the tree removal at the Gill Tract can be directed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Facilities Services, at (510) 643-4793 or


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