Space Assignment and Capital Improvements Committee

The Space Assignment and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI) advises the campus leadership on plans and policies for use of existing space and on capital improvements proposed for the Berkeley campus. SACI reviews and evaluates the use of space and requests for space, determines or recommends space reassignments, advises the campus leadership on individual proposals for major and minor capital improvement projects, and recommends priorities for the five-year State-funded Capital Improvement Program.

SACI makes final decisions on most space matters and presents recommendations to the Chancellor for final approval if the resources involved are large. For major capital projects, SACI appoints Academic Effect Study subcommittees from faculty nominated by the Senate, to examine and advise on such projects at an early stage in their development.

SACI includes both faculty and administrators, as well as student representatives. The Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Facilities chairs SACI; the chair also sits on the Executive Campus Planning Committee, and represents SACI in ECPC deliberations. SACI meets once a month.

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