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  Our Mission:  
  Facilities Services acts responsibly as a steward of the buildings and landscapes of UC Berkeley; creates and sustains a beautiful and functional campus environment that furthers the mission of the University; and highly values our most important resource - our people.
  Under the Vice Chancellor - Facilities Services, more than 500 skilled professionals serve the campus to provide planning, design, construction, maintenance and real estate management services.
  Physical planning and environmental review
  Comprehensive general, environmental, and project planning services for the Berkeley campus are provided by the Physical and Environmental Planning (PEP) unit of Capital Projects. PEP is responsible for ensuring that the campus is in compliance with the state-mandated requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). PEP also manages preparation and implementation of the campus long range development plan. PEP has as its primary focus three broad areas: comprehensive physical planning; area/precinct planning; and program/project planning. PEP's planning professionals and planning support staff facilitate and coordinate the above services linking them to the other units in Facilities Services, to the campus as a whole and to external partners
  Design and construction
  Activities related to the development and execution of capital projects - including new construction, retrofitting, restoration and landscape - are coordinated by the Project Management group in Capital Projects. This group brings together architects, engineers and related professional services, as well as the many and various construction contractors, needed to implement capital work on the Berkeley campus. Support services for capital projects, including contract administration, capital project accounting and construction inspection, are also part of Capital Projects.
  Maintenance services are provided to the campus by Physical Plant-Campus Services (PP-CS). PP-CS provides a full range of services including custodial and grounds support, building maintenance, pest management, recycling and refuse collection, and management of the utility infrastructure. PP-CS also manages the purchase and operation of energy resources and provides specialized engineering and technical services.
  Real Estate Services
  Real Estate Services is responsible for the acquisition of new real estate and the development of existing UC-owned property via third party developers. Real Estate Services also oversees the development of new facilities for the Berkeley campus via “donor development” when a donor wishes to gift a finished facility or building to the University as opposed to donating funds to the campus to construct the improvements. Additionally, Real Estate Services manages a portfolio of recent acquired properties and is responsible for commercial real estate leasing and facility use permits.


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